Monday, November 21, 2016

Waterworlds in Kobra Sector

Okay, I've always been fascinated by waterworlds ever since Kevin Costers' epic movie "waterworld" came out. When I saw the film, I finally realized (on an huge scale) just how cool (and difficult) it could be to live on a planet that was covered almost exclusively by water. The new official addition of a planetary discription of an "ocean world" also perked my interest; any size A world with A water. Recently, I also read a sci-fi book where space ships that mis-jumped somehow ended up in a vast ocean sub-universe, with the ships crashing into the sea and many becoming island nations (if they didn't promptly sink). This "Endless Blue" sea pocket universe was pretty cool, even though the author didn't execute the book (or characters) very well. As you can see from the data below, most waterworld colonists survived the Collapse on the majority of these planets. I really find that odd since it would be very hard without technology to survive on such a planet: little to no manufacturing industry could be made, few if any medicines could be created, and large populations would surely be prohibitive due to such restrictions. Due to the Collapse, about half these worlds have lost their starport, but the majority still have significant populations on them (tens of millions).Overall I find waterworlds to be interesting places where you can meet really unique people (aquatic or geneered humans) and find unusual tools and weaponry (sonic weapons and blue-green lasers) as well as a great place to rest and relax, eat amazing seafood (or have it try to eat you!), and adventure in some very cool undersea settings. The planet Nemo is my favorite, of all these planets listed below, mainly because it still has a good-sized  population and is a very large planet indeed. Excelsior!

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