Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fluid Worlds in Traveller

Sooo, I've always been fascinated by "fluid worlds" in Traveller (and why the world would anyone want to live there!?). I couldn't possibly dream of living on a planet where you probably can't see more than a mile or two around you, where the winds are so high that you have to move about in specialized armored survival suits to live, and where the air itself (usually methane) would kill you. I guess important mineral deposits would draw miners and such, but you'd certainly have a hard time growing food; I'd personally move all of it into orbit (in agristations). What I can imagine is all the nifty imported goods you could trade with such a place! You'd make a killing on just about anything, but especially survival gear, foodstuffs, clothes, medicine, and just about everything else since it would be nearly impossible to build enough buildings or cities on the surface to support such industry.

As you can see below, the planets' Majesty and Carahue are both fluid worlds, located in the Calafate subsector. Both have interstellar-level technology and both are technologically uplifting several worlds around them, mainly to increase trade. The high-population Tarbox System is also assisting uplift in the area. Targets of uplift in the subsector are the regional capital (Calafate) and the Dominion System, which is a Earth Prime agriculture world. 

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