Friday, January 27, 2017

Cargo Lots of Cargo!

The merchant ship Uncanny is carrying some lucrative cargo that it intends to sell along its travelling route. Below is a list of some of the items:

1 Bubble metal fabber
1/2 ton of high-end brain implants (TL18)
1 ton of Class A pharamceuticals (TL18)
2 tons high-end computer parts (TL18)
5 tons of TL 18 small arms
4 tons of perishable food
Six packaged Zero Tau capsules
Sixteen boxed nanotech naval androids
Twelve boxed orbital zero-g repair robots
Live Cargo: 8 breeding pairs of Meowls (delivery to Ringbolt)
Live Cargo: 4 breeding pairs of M'Rets (delivery to Ringbolt)
2 tons pre-loaded info datacards
5 tons of TL18 self-repairing (nanotech) space bouys: navigation, surveillance, communication and marker bouys

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

From Wynter to Ringbolt Station

The first jump takes our heroes to the all-male world of Wynter, which is mostly made up of clones although most male same-sexers from the sector tend to immigrate to this frozen world that bans women. The second jump takes our heroes to the fabulous trading post of Ringbolt Station in the adjacent Calafat Sector, a medium-pop sector which has been ravaged by systemic violence, pirates, and civil wars since the Collapse began. Luckily, the Uncanny is an armed mership with the following TL18 weapons and defenses:

Sandcaster x2
Heavy Laser x2
Missile VLS: mostly short range missiles
Drone Launcher
Twenty-two naval and marine androids for gunnery/internal defense
Class II AI operating the ship

Leaving Orbit of Kobra World

So our story is the travels of two dozen adventurous souls across a Collapse-zone of space. The primary focus will be Bella Rogoza of Tigia II, an emergency robotics troubleshooter that shows up in disaster zones, helping the natives with her advanced robots. She is headed back home, to the Oceanic Alliance (specifically the city-planet Urbanos). The captain of the mership MNS Uncanny, in which our heroes are travelling, is the famed explorer Miguel Rivo from the planet Harpoon. The Uncanny itself is a Gorgon-class civilian cargo vessel that has added a few "modifications" over the years by Captain Rivo. Additional crew are:

Daniel Heller (navigator/second pilot)
Droxler (troubleshooter and supercargo, a Bennite)
Fichera T'Darano (medic, ships weapons, ex-Marine)
Inella du'Farris (robotics specialist, foodie specialist)
Jain ap Haas (cargo master, repair tech)
Mazzei Selse (ship's doctor: MD specialist in xenobiology)
Omar Ayala (engineer)
Raby (second engineer, a M'Norn)
Rihaly Abseck (security, environmental specialist)
Wilson Jane (JOAT, weapons: ship and small arms)

The primary waypoint during this 12 sector journey will be the Jerlea Ringworld. 

Leaving orbit of Kobra World (below)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Stee Navy officially decommissioned the vessel Grannik, the last ship transferred to the branch from the Kobra Worlds Navy.

Grannik, an Adenton-class light destroyer, was initially in service with the Kobra Navy designated as USS Youst. The planet Stee received the vessel as part of the Security Assistance Program nearly ten years ago.

The ship was withdrawn from service during a ceremony military officials say highlighted a close partnership between Stee and Kobra World.

TL18 Stasis Pods

Lower Orion Spur

Okay, so this is the region of space from Olde Earth to the Oceanic Alliance (and the Jerlea Ringworld and Kobra Worlds). I have marked several spots where there are large or influential empires along the way. No one likes am empty slate, so here are a few goodies for ya'll. There is little to no information about who and what these polities are, feel free to join us and write about them! Best wishes and Happy New Years, D

Still a Classic!