Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Leaving Orbit of Kobra World

So our story is the travels of two dozen adventurous souls across a Collapse-zone of space. The primary focus will be Bella Rogoza of Tigia II, an emergency robotics troubleshooter that shows up in disaster zones, helping the natives with her advanced robots. She is headed back home, to the Oceanic Alliance (specifically the city-planet Urbanos). The captain of the mership MNS Uncanny, in which our heroes are travelling, is the famed explorer Miguel Rivo from the planet Harpoon. The Uncanny itself is a Gorgon-class civilian cargo vessel that has added a few "modifications" over the years by Captain Rivo. Additional crew are:

Daniel Heller (navigator/second pilot)
Droxler (troubleshooter and supercargo, a Bennite)
Fichera T'Darano (medic, ships weapons, ex-Marine)
Inella du'Farris (robotics specialist, foodie specialist)
Jain ap Haas (cargo master, repair tech)
Mazzei Selse (ship's doctor: MD specialist in xenobiology)
Omar Ayala (engineer)
Raby (second engineer, a M'Norn)
Rihaly Abseck (security, environmental specialist)
Wilson Jane (JOAT, weapons: ship and small arms)

The primary waypoint during this 12 sector journey will be the Jerlea Ringworld. 

Leaving orbit of Kobra World (below)

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