Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Although much of my time was taken by work on the city-planet Kobra World, I was able to spend a few weeks offworld. During that time I was able to travel among the Kobra client worlds and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I enjoyed the beaches of Coropuma and toured the atmospheric weather stations on the planet Marsella, which were just gigantic. The technical skill to maintain these huge weather facilities was well beyond the locals capabilities but Kobra World often provides critical technical support amongst its client worlds to help stave off any tech regress. Overall I enjoyed myself on the tours of the local planets.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Echo Moon Colony

The more we travel in the Uncanny, the more I am enjoying it and that especially includes my fellow travellers on the ship. A great many different peoples and cultures have spread across the galaxy in Mankind's expansion and one of my favorites was the gambling spot at the Echo Moon Colony; the views from its plasteel dome were stunning and I thought I would share them here. Enjoy!