Friday, November 13, 2099

Welcome Traveller Fans!

Hey hey, welcome Science Fiction Fans! This blog is being used in an effort to show my continuing work on a famous sci-fi game called "Traveller". My main Traveller Republik (TrR) blog is located HERE. We want (and welcome) new people to work with us to create a galaxy wide Traveller set up. I work daily on TrR and have several other people helping me as well. We hope you enjoy this blog, that it may inspire you to greatness, and that you will possibly come and join us on the TrR team, excelsior!

The idea behind this website is that Traveller is so bogged down with "canon" that you can only do so much with it. I myself have been playing Traveller for decades and now that every world seems to be claimed and a history written about it, there is no room for real creativity without someone screaming "that's not canon!". So lets do this instead, we have an entire galaxy to play with and in this universe the Third Imperium doesn't exist. Any stellar state in this new universe could be made similar to the 3rd Imp but this allows us much more room to play with. We are looking for people who can contribute in small or large ways, and also HIWG members to help flesh out the overall expansion of humanity across the Milky Way, which took a little over 80,000 years. Feel free to look at the Traveller website URL I sent you. I am also blogging about what I am doing over there; check my blogspot below. Let me know if you are interested in any way. Thanks, Damon

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

On Miloria

Landing on Miloria wasn't easy because of significant atmospheric turbulence but we made it down and it was nice to breathe in the planets' aroma, a nice mixture of woodlands and cardamon-like spice. The planet has as very small population and they were eager to trade for high-tech items and advanced (sonic) weaponry. The local materials are all organic and the people are very welcoming. I enjoyed a brief few hours on Miloria before we had to lift off and continue our journey. I like this planet and its friendly people, a lot.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Miloria, the Fungus Planet

The next stop on our interstellar trip is the planet Miloria, also know socially as the "Fungus Planet". I found the information on this world fascinating and thought I would share it in my public ejournal. When colonists first arrived here tens of thousands of years ago, they were astonished at how aggressive the local flora was. Being a hot-house planet, nearly the entire surface was covered in one form of plant life or another, but the most predominant was a certain type of fungus, a mushroom-like form of vegetation. Fungi are readily available on most worlds and they are especially invasive on Miloria. Early researchers developed a method of growing this fungi in a controlled environment that makes it more sustainable like plastic, rubber, wood, and leather. Apparently, according to the local history books, the first items created from this fungus were everyday objects including vases, chairs, lampshades, and slippers. Making these articles is a simple low-tech process: they are grown in a controlled environment and formed into specific objects using ceramic molds. Once the fungus has filled out the mold - a process which takes several weeks, depending on the size of the mold - the object is fired in an over, which kills the fungus and prevents further growth. Its also highly reusable; you can break them into smaller pieces, reintroduce live fungus, mold it, and then sell it again as a new product. Now, on Miloria, the non-toxic fungi replace plastic, stones, and bricks in buildings. Can you imagine that?! A city grown out of mushrooms! How neat is that?

Miloria: B868723-B   Ag Ni Earth-Prime 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Exterior view of Ringbolt Station

Stopping at Ringbolt Station

So, everywhere I have travelled (and I have travelled alot) I have enjoyed looking at space stations, all different sorts of them. From agristations to orbital foundaries and solar farms, to the megahabitats packed with  millions of people, they are fascinate me by their endless varying layouts and uses. However, here in the Collapse Zone as the technology levels have crashed across many sectors, space stations suddenly became few and far between. Their advanced technology requires constant maintenance, and there are very few orbital technicians now; the Collapse has killed or driven off most space-specialists in the Kobra Worlds region.

Ringbolt itself is located in the Calafat Sector, which we have just crossed into. This entire area is chaotic, filled with raiders and pirates, and all sorts of nefarious characters. However, it seems that crime at Ringbolt Station is severely punished and so those rough-and-ready type criminals avoid the place. You can also buy alot of advanced technology here, and we are also dropping off several passengers, unloading some cargo, and reloading additional supplies for our long journey.

I spent nearly ten hours on the station, shopping and taking in the view, which is stunning. Ringbolt is in excellent condition, its people sturdy and competent, and its leaders have great wisdom and skill to keep away pirate raiders and other such riff-raff. (Stats for Ringbolt Station are A072616-C  Space Station).

Travelling Through Jumpspace

As we move through Jumpspace I am reminded how boring it can be. Interstellar travel can be so very slow. Luckily, not many travellers on the Uncanny are hibernating in low-berth but have their own cabins. I believe the captain said their were twenty-four suites and extended-stay cabins aboard this ship. My own hideyhole is equipped with whatever I need, but it can be lonely; especially for someone that had been living on a city-wide planet with billions upon billions of "neighbors". I appreciate my cabin and am grateful to not be travelling as a frozen corpsicle, unaware of my surroundings and unable to do any work at all.

My robots need some maintenance that I have been putting off for sometime now. Instead, I've just been relaxing, catching up on my vid-romances, and enjoying the quite of a ship in space.

The next portion of our journey takes us to Ringbolt Station, where I hope to buy some fresh-grown fruit. Foodies can make all sorts of foods, but they just don't have that newly picked taste that organic grown veggies and fruits do.

On a planet inhabited by a trillion people "real food" can also be hard to come by, I've actually seen a jar of strawberry preserves sold at auction for thousands of credits! Most people on Kobra World eat from the standard "foodies" that the government provides to each household. Can you imagine the effort it takes to run and manage a planet with hundreds of billions of people on it?! The waste disposal alone was a major problem for Kobra citizens until the annihilation pits were opened about 20 years ago. Also, every person on the planet must grow at least one "oxygen plant" to help sustain the breathability of the atmosphere.

What impressed me most about Kobra World wasn't its stupendous population, but the amount of anti-gravity technology that is heavily used by such an advanced planet. Whole buildings and palaces are constructed in the air, never to touch the ground, and of course if you are rich you just have to have a floating palace, right? The entire civilization on this planet revolves around its anti-gravity (AG) technology; all cars, buses, and public transport are AG, and so are all military and defense craft within the atmosphere of the planet. In this region, very few planets use this advanced technology but I always found it fascinating to watch the hundreds of thousands of aircars and buses flit about in the air like so many interesting-looking bugs.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Dolphins of Fronomios

After eating, I went down to the medical bay and found one of the Dolphins of Fronomios. His name is Grzk'kat'grat and he is a forensic scientist. We spent some time talking about his society, and mine. The long-term friendship between cetaceans and humans has always amazed me; only the canine/human relationship is closer. I know of a dozen dolphin worlds within the Orion Arm, but none is as influential as the ultra-tech world Fronomios, which resides in the same sector as my homeworld. Uplifted dolphins are honest, open, and friendly—sometimes to a fault. They are quick to recover from their transgressions and can be humble to excess. Some people consider dolphins to be pacifists, but they have, on occasion, been involved in wars. The most notable of these was their series of conflicts against the Bushi people, during the horrendous Starflyer War.

Dolphin marriages on Fronomios are polygamous, with a husband having three wives, and each wife having three husbands. The marriages are also open, with spouses free to pursue casual encounters with other people as they please. While many non-dolphins find this arrangement difficult to grasp, it’s the social norm on Fronomios. Most dolphins are equally astonished by the exclusive and monogamous mating rituals of other species. Also, dolphins do not sleep nightly, as most other species do.

The typical dolphin is exceptionally friendly, even to strangers, and possesses a keen curiosity about the world around them. They cherish new experiences and find their lives, and those of life forms around them, exceptionally interesting. They are excellent listeners.