Friday, November 13, 2099

Welcome Traveller Fans!

Hey hey, welcome Science Fiction Fans! This blog is being used in an effort to show my continuing work on a famous sci-fi game called "Traveller". My main Traveller Republik (TrR) blog is located HERE. We want (and welcome) new people to work with us to create a galaxy wide Traveller set up. I work daily on TrR and have several other people helping me as well. We hope you enjoy this blog, that it may inspire you to greatness, and that you will possibly come and join us on the TrR team, excelsior!

The idea behind this website is that Traveller is so bogged down with "canon" that you can only do so much with it. I myself have been playing Traveller for decades and now that every world seems to be claimed and a history written about it, there is no room for real creativity without someone screaming "that's not canon!". So lets do this instead, we have an entire galaxy to play with and in this universe the Third Imperium doesn't exist. Any stellar state in this new universe could be made similar to the 3rd Imp but this allows us much more room to play with. We are looking for people who can contribute in small or large ways, and also HIWG members to help flesh out the overall expansion of humanity across the Milky Way, which took a little over 80,000 years. Feel free to look at the Traveller website URL I sent you. I am also blogging about what I am doing over there; check my blogspot below. Let me know if you are interested in any way. Thanks, Damon

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