Tuesday, January 24, 2017

From Wynter to Ringbolt Station

The first jump takes our heroes to the all-male world of Wynter, which is mostly made up of clones although most male same-sexers from the sector tend to immigrate to this frozen world that bans women. The second jump takes our heroes to the fabulous trading post of Ringbolt Station in the adjacent Calafat Sector, a medium-pop sector which has been ravaged by systemic violence, pirates, and civil wars since the Collapse began. Luckily, the Uncanny is an armed mership with the following TL18 weapons and defenses:

Sandcaster x2
Heavy Laser x2
Missile VLS: mostly short range missiles
Drone Launcher
Twenty-two naval and marine androids for gunnery/internal defense
Class II AI operating the ship

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