Monday, November 28, 2016

Dusarra Dyson Sphere

When humanity began exploring the stars they found an incredible number of "technofossils", items from alien races who have existed (and possibly died out) long before we reached the stars. While charting new territory in the Crux Arm of the galaxy, starpilot Jaisun Dusarra made the discovery of a lifetime: a partially completed Dyson Sphere. Long imagined by Earth scientists, Dusarra's find shook the galaxy...especially when it was discovered it was inhabited by a remarkable number of alien races (an astounding 32 races). Only a small percentage of the sphere is habitable (around 2%) and the rest if it appears abandoned, and the locals refuse to talk about the issue. While two percent seems like a small amount, it actually equals out to around 280,000 Earth-sized planets and that number is needed when the Crux aliens inside the sphere are counted.....(to be continued, by you??)

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