Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Balkanized Worlds in Kobra Sector

Okay, so one of the Traveller government types I really enjoy is "balkanized worlds", which is a planet with no global government, but many independent nations: like our happy planet Earth! What I like best about these types of worlds is the possible intrigue, infighting, etc all located in one place; you don't have to travel to another solar system to encounter a different type of person/government/religion, which I find very cool. A balkanized world is a "Type 7" government and can be very useful in campaigning, but it can also be a pain in the butt. One of the more difficult problems I had was to try and explain why a high-pop high-tech subsector capital could run an entire subsector, without being united itself on its own home planet (aka balkanized). At lower tech levels, these types of worlds are fairly common but as these levels advance, they become less and less prevalent. In the Kobra Worlds, both Rhayder and Schwayder are subsector capitals and both are balkanized (oh lucky me!). Both have low enough tech levels to explain the situation fairly easily, that and they are both located in the Collapse Zone. Overall, a balkanized planet can be a fantastic place to role play because you don't even have to leave the world to find conflict, and they tend to be lower tech, which can be helpful most of the time since the locals will often have shotguns and rifles....and you have TL15 plasma weapons!

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