Monday, November 14, 2016

Political Parties on Kobra World

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Claytonist: A grand philosophy that takes parts from communism, Buddhism, and techno literacy. Many human worlds subscribe to Claytonism, and its pro-environment format, as well as the technological aspects of the philosophy, including eism and cyber-relativity. Pro-Uplift.

Conservative: There are several "conservative" parties in the Kobra World government, most having an aversion to change. Many moral and faith based organizations are conservative in nature, as are many economic groups that find their political home here. Pro-Uplift.

Democratic: There are several parties in this grouping, the most important being the Democratic Dolist League, a group with billions of adherents. The Democratic Socialist Party also has widespread support. Anti-Uplift.

Ecological: Varying groups vie for this title, from tree huggers to dyed-in-the-wool terrorists to strait ‘green’ parties. Most are radical fringe groups with little public support. Anti-Uplift.

Independent: Thousands of so-called ‘independent’ parties have sprouted up, most of them being anti-government zealots. 

Liberal: Primarily a ‘spend spend’ party intent on greater and greater benefits for their votes, the Liberals are the antithesis of the Conservatives. On Kobra World they are a large centrist party, some members of which still favor some kind of large-scale federation for nearby surrounding worlds.

L-Republican: An ancient political party that supports limited government, the L-Republicans are steeped in the history of humanitys' homeworld. Center-right party.

Maronite (eCatholic): A huge organization of politically aware religionists, the Maronites have followers in the trillions across the galaxy, all receiving direction by the ePope on Olde Earth.

Popular Party (Dolist): Widely discredited party whose recent failure to elect their leader into power (Wilson Tang) sparked partisan fighting with this political group, and their fall from power. Anti-Uplift.

Unity: The Unity party is a center-right party that supports independence for all newly developing worlds in the sector. This group remains neutral during the annual budgetary fights within the government. It is a coalition of opposition parties who favor an independent Kobra sector, with its own regional currency and military force. It does not support Uplift efforts across the region.

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