Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Tantal

The Tantal are an ancient race of beings, living somewhere in the Milky Way (you can choose its location if you want to write more about this race). Their homeworld is classified Red Zone because the Tantal are some of the most powerful telepathic species in the known galaxy. Not much is known about their homeworld; technology use is hard to discern from orbit because of heavy reflective cloud cover, they may be completely non-technological. The Tantal themselves have the psychic ability known as "telesthesia", which means they can see through the eyes of other beings, hear through their ears, etc. Luckily, the range of this ability appears to be line-of-sight. Oddly, other psionic beings that come into contact with the Tantal sometimes have their psi abilities raised enormously (which is surely one of the reasons why this world is a Red Zone). In addition, other empaths that have worked with the Tantal say the race is so alien in mindset that they often cannot comprehend what they are seeing and hearing through other peoples senses. Finally, special permission by the local human orbital guard stations is needed before planetfall can be made.

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