Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Farris Family

Farris  Family: The single most wealthiest family on Kobra World, the Farris family is renowned for achieving wealth on their own, without the usual kickbacks and power mongering that define so many wealthy families. Their propensity for marrying Simes (an alien race located in the Black Forest Zone) marks them as mavericks and many people who despise aliens also reject the Farris family as well. This branch of humanity appears to generate outstanding economic leaders, and a short list of living members and their accomplishments is provided below:

Bett Farris: The current Governor of Kobra World, this senior matriarch of the family dominates her clan by sheer ability. She is currently age 52 and generates 12% of the family’s wealth by her position alone. Her marriage to Sels Farris, a Sime, was unprecedented for a politician of her stature and sparked widespread protests among human first radicals.

Wyner Farris: Brother of Bett and a Council Member on planet Kobra World, his recent close call from an assassins bullet has thrown the entire political situation on Kobra World into chaos. Senior family members have rallied to his defense however, and support from other planetary officials is solid as well.

Duvvan Farris: Current head of Zeor Industries and senior patriarch of the clan, Duvvan is currently 73 years old and gives a wide latitude to most family members, unlike many previous leaders of his house.

Yamile Farris: Wife of Duvvan and founding member of Doctors Without Borders (Kobra subsector) she is also a medical doctor as well and has generously supported the medical fields all across the region. Her role as President of Maxx Pharmaceuticals places her in a dominant role for medical nanotech production.

Payel Farris: A Commodore within the Kobra Defense Forces, her command has recently been enlarged by two attack cruiser divisions; a significant upgrade in firepower and a testament of her loyalty. Her campaigns against subsector-wide pirates is widely known and applauded but as a half-Sime she has been denied the military advancement several times over.

Klyd Farris: A senior Admiral in in the Kobra Navy, Admiral Farris is currently preparing to stage operations against the Union for its most recent attacks on Kobra World. He is 42 years old and brother to Payel. 

Sortine Farris: Governor of the Maroan Homeworld and a major contributor for life-extension medicines, she is also Senior Director of the JW Medical Combine on that planet. Wife of Kamal Farris .

Kamal Farris: Head of JW Medical Combine, which produces anti-aging drugs by the gallon, he is also a senior family member due to his age(66). He has survived several assassination attempts by Onesider rebels and he personnally funds rescue operations out of his own pocketbook in neighboring sectors.

Yoser Farris: Governor of High Singapore, one of the most important habitats in the Kobra World system, he has recently approved upgrading the Kobra orbital forts, an effort which cost billions but was necessary according to his press secretary. A wealthy man in his own right, Yoser races 100 meter yachts on nearby Marsalla's seas, winning several titles every year.

Rena Farris: Senator from Twilight Sector, she has been on Olde Earth for more than 10 years, trying to influence the recolonization of the "collapse zone" by the Anciene Republik, with little success. Her efforts have been blocked however by the Socialists and the Dolists on that world. She is the only Sime ever confirmed as an eCatholic. 

Jateen Farris: Current favorite among the Dolist crowd, she is a well-known and widely recognized actress across dozens of worlds. Despite her popularity, she must always conceal her arm tentacles (being Sime).

Raul Farris: Major board member on Zeor Industries staff, he is currently holding up the votes in the Committee to reorganize Zeor during this time of crisis. Family members are reportedly very angry with his withholding efforts, and public statements have been widely displayed in vid-papers across the planet at people's dissatisfaction with this black sheep family member.

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