Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Ancients

Okay, so I have been working on an overall skeletal structure for what the Traveller Republik galaxy looks like, and why. There is an enormous amount of work to be done to fill in the 100,000 years of human history in TrR, and here is a little blurb of it. Remember, we are looking for team members to help create this universe; your contribution can be small, like telling us about the cool alien race you made and that now lives in TrR. Or you could contribute more, and we are looking for HIWG member-like people as well. Cheers!

"The "Originators" are considered to be the oldest alien races known to exist, and there are over a dozen of them. The oldest of them all is known as "the Fathers", and its been proven over and over that the Fathers spread humoid life across our galaxy. On thousands of worlds in the Milky Way, humans and near-humans are located; most can interbreed with humanity's main stock from Olde Earth. Why the Fathers did this is unknown, but many of their technofossils remain, mainly in the Orion Arm of the galaxy. The Father's homeworlds, located in the Orion Spur, still have advanced defenses that automatically fire on any approaching ship or small craft, therefore they are off limits to every race. Hundreds of star systems have also been terraformed by the Fathers, and many are unique like the Castle System (with five habitable worlds), the Halden Diamond (four habitable worlds in a rosette configuration), and the fantastical Tyree "Zoo" (two dozen low-tech alien homeworlds orbiting the red giant Tyree in the Perseus Arm of the galaxy).

The Fathers disappeared over a million years ago; theorists believe that they may have died out, wiped each other out in a war, are hiding out in a pocket universe, or just simply devolved into lower life forms. No one knows for sure.

Two additional alien races have colonized the Milky Way extensively and also left vast technofossils laying around, the P'zirr and the Mnxorn. Both of these races existed at the same time and apparently fought a genocidal war against each other. In the end, the reptilian Mnxorn were wiped out and the P'zirr Empire blasted back to a few dozen gas giant worlds, where they thrive. To this day, the P'zirr refuse contact with all other races but the wreckage of their war can be seen across most of the galaxy.

The last known ancient race that was extremely powerful and held significant influence on the Milky Way galaxy was the Makers, and a great deal of their technology is still around and functioning (and highly dangerous). They lived over 500,000 years ago and Maker technology is organic in nature, able to pervert any living thing they come into contact with into monstrous forms. Maker technology is worth enormous amounts of money, and is incredibly lethal to be around."

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