Friday, February 24, 2017

We've Jumped

Well, we've begun out jump to our first destination, the Wynter System. It will take approximately a week to get there, apparently an essential constraint of spacial mechanics. Time spent in jumpspace can be boring so I headed back to the kitchen/common area of the ship, hoping to get to know some of my fellow travellers. This mership is quite large and carries numerous cabins and a few (very high-priced) luxury suites as well as some low-berth travel pods. According to the manifest, more than 30 people are travelling aboard the Uncanny and I look forward to meeting some of them. When I arrived in the common area I did not see anyone, so I looked around and was pleased to see every nook and cranny was meticulously clean. Many cargo and passenger ships could be quite filthy and I myself have journeyed on more than a few during my time in the Kobra Worlds Sector. 

A nice array of plants, games, and food items were on the main table and the layout was very pleasing: not too small to make one feel trapped in, and not too large that it wasted too much cargo space within the ship. My tummy rumbled, and I began thinking about a meal....and a shower. This trip seems long already and yet I have months to go before arriving at home in Urbanos Sector. I am deeply concerned about the route we are taking but there is little choice: the whole lower arm of the Orion Spur us suffering from the supernova that blew many years ago. 

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