Saturday, March 25, 2017

Foodies and Fabbers

I headed back to the common area to grab some food. The most advanced planets use food processors called "foodies" and at higher tech levels all the various types of foodies are combined into one and use molecular construction. However, the Uncanny seems to be a moted dated vessel since it has these older specialized food printing machines:

B-Foodie or the "Bakery". It can also sub-specialize: pizzaria, cookies and cakes, etc.

D-Foodie or "Drinks" (hot and cold, no alcohol)

M-Foodies or the "Meat" machine: specializing in fish products, smoked meats of all types, fried/broil/poach/roast, and BBQ meats.

and finally the P-Foodie or "Produce" printer: taste fresh fruit and veggies from over 450,000 plant based items.

Anything "printed" or prepared by a foodie generally takes less than a minute, unless its a baked item, then it take a few more minutes to appear, hot and fresh tasting.

Foodies enable merships like the Uncanny to carry almost no foodstuffs on board, allowing for greater cargo capacity and on high-tech planets like Kobra World they are installed in every home and apartment. People used to handle and prepare raw meat?! Can you imagine that?! And it could take almost an hour to prepare a full meal whereas the foodie can make items in seconds. Thank God for printed food!

*Authors note: Foodies can rapidly convert nearly any organic substance into edible food, removing harmful toxins and viruses and adding any necessary vitamins and nutrients. As long as there is a source of compatible organics, food can be created indefinitely although its store of vitamin supplements will eventually run out. Foodies can synthesize additives and coloring to anything it makes. The processor can also distill simple organic compounds, like alcohol. 

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