Saturday, March 25, 2017

Onto Wynter

Having travelled for a week in Jumpspace we finally arrived at the planet Wynter. Whilst on our journey, I have been able to meet a few more of the passengers and many are quite interesting. I have also studied up on the planet we will be arriving at. Apparently no women are ever allowed to land on the all-male world of Wynter, so I must send a factor to purchase a few luxury goods and spare parts for my bots. A massive glacier world, Wynter (B776899-9) has a population of less than a billion homosexual men. Apparently they use artificial wombs or cloning to maintain their civilization. It would be fascinating to study such a closed society.

Two of our fellow travellers are leaving us at Wynter, including the noted poet Kojo Dhlomo, a renowned novelist, poet, and storyteller who made his fame across the Kobra Sector. The retiring Relof Musk, a ex-constitutional court judge from Kobra World is also leaving us here at Wynter. Several tons of cargo are also being sent down to the planet, forcing us to orbit this world and refuel from a nearby tanker spacecraft instead of the local gas giant. The landing port on Wynter has to be seen to be believed; its massive and embedded in a huge ice formation near the equator.

Apparently throughout Wynter's long history it has maintained its glacial albedo, therefor the majority of resources for the planet are mined in the extensive asteroid belt. When the Collapse overtook this iceworld very little changed, except the cloning process which now has to be supported by offworld technology at Kobra World. Also, from what I have read, a significant number of the inhabitants of this planet are touch telepaths, giving this society an odd inward-looking viewpoint. In the past, Wynterian Marines used to be the most feared combat soldiers in the sector but the technology collapse has forced their cloning process to radically fall, from creating a brand new ready-for-combat clone in just 10 days to now taking at least 6 months. Nowadays, these "tanked" marines are rarely fielded off-world unless hired by high-priced contracts from other nearby planets.

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