Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Exam

I found myself lazing around the ship until I was called for my mandatory medical exam. Currently, the Uncanny has over two dozen travellers on board so it taken some time for the the ships' doctor (Mazzei Selse) to finally see me. Like most modern humans, I have various cybernetic and biological enhancements and it's the doctors job to maintain a baseline for these systems and to make sure the systems are safe to use in the environments we would be experiencing. I have several important enhancements, the primary one is for my brain, called "Cognito". It's a brain implant that increases cross-brain connectivity (which significantly boosts critical thinking and creativity), and expands raw intelligence by 15-20% above a baseline humans' brain. The hardware also increases a persons' memory capacity by up to 50%, depending on the subject as well as adding near-total recall of information. Cognito is a standard brain implant for most Kobra Worlders and also for citizens from planets with a very high tech level.

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