Sunday, February 12, 2017

Elysium Highport

I have many feelings about leaving Kobra World since it's has been my home for more than 10 years. I accomplished much during that time and saved many lives with my robot team. Once in orbit we passed through the Elysium Highport, a space station circling the planet; one of hundreds that service the space industry of the system. I was able to use their recreational facilities while aboard, including the zero-gravity pool. While there, I was able to meet several of my fellow travellers that would be with us on the Uncanny. I wasn't sure how many people had booked passage aboard the freighter, but I did notice a dozen low-berth containers in the hold when I looked over the ship. They aren't the normal low-tech "freezers" that you sometimes don't wake up from, they are the more advanced zero-tau pods and they keep the sleepers safe and unaging during the journey.

We safely left orbit and began our journey out of the Kobra Worlds Sector. I have fond memories here and will miss it.

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