Sunday, February 12, 2017

The First Passenger

When I boarded the Uncanny, I found my cabin easily enough and stowed my gear. It would be a long trip so I packed for an extended stay on this medium-sized mership. My new cabin is roomy enough but its odd octagon shape has thrown off my feng shui. I then decided to explore the ship a little before we boosted for the jump point, While wandering, I found an exotic beauty in the corridor who was instantly recognizable by anyone from Kobra World. She was an up-and-coming porn starlet, Melissa Love and she is a Yitarian. I am guessing she's been in dozens and dozens of films and we chatted briefly; she was headed to the Euforix Station in the adjacent Sector and I told her I was headed home. I left her in the hallway as she searched for her cabin, but her spicy scent filled my nose all the way down to the Common Area.

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