Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mereni's Journal


Hello, my name is Mereni de la Renata and I grew up on a farm world in the Urbanos Sector. However, for the last fifteen years I have been working in Search and Rescue (S&R) in the Kobra Worlds region, which is part of the disastrous Collapse Zone. A nearby supernova cause a massive trade and technology crash in the regions surrounding it, and my degree in robotics has been helpful in disaster zones like earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and the occasional civil war. I have several different types of rescue bots, in three different classes: low tech, medium tech, and ultra tech. The low tech bots are easy for me to maintain on worlds which have little or no tech support, while my most advanced ones are made out of pure nanotech bots and are extremely useful. However the nanos tend to be power hogs and have a limited lifespan, so for the most part I use my lower tech bots for my job.

Kobra World is truly an amazing place; it's a city-world just like Urbanos and the population here has reached an extraordinary 1+ trillion people. It's a very stable planet, politically and technologically, and it utterly dominates its neighboring worlds, most of which are low-tech agro-planets. With such an enormous population, there is very little empty space on the planet. I have taken several photos to show the enormity of this heavily over-populated worlds' predicament.

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