Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stopping at Ringbolt Station

So, everywhere I have travelled (and I have travelled alot) I have enjoyed looking at space stations, all different sorts of them. From agristations to orbital foundaries and solar farms, to the megahabitats packed with  millions of people, they are fascinate me by their endless varying layouts and uses. However, here in the Collapse Zone as the technology levels have crashed across many sectors, space stations suddenly became few and far between. Their advanced technology requires constant maintenance, and there are very few orbital technicians now; the Collapse has killed or driven off most space-specialists in the Kobra Worlds region.

Ringbolt itself is located in the Calafat Sector, which we have just crossed into. This entire area is chaotic, filled with raiders and pirates, and all sorts of nefarious characters. However, it seems that crime at Ringbolt Station is severely punished and so those rough-and-ready type criminals avoid the place. You can also buy alot of advanced technology here, and we are also dropping off several passengers, unloading some cargo, and reloading additional supplies for our long journey.

I spent nearly ten hours on the station, shopping and taking in the view, which is stunning. Ringbolt is in excellent condition, its people sturdy and competent, and its leaders have great wisdom and skill to keep away pirate raiders and other such riff-raff. (Stats for Ringbolt Station are A072616-C  Space Station).

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